Seize the Bean - A Light-Hearted Deck Builder about Berlin!

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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mini-Update for Early-January
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jan 04, 2020 at 12:34:19 AM

Happy new year everyone! And welcome to 2020. Yes, yes, we know, we know. It’s terrible to say that phrase and not have a copy of Seize the Bean in your hands. Luckily, we do have some good news today...

We are 100% finished with the English rulebook! This is massive for us. This has been a huge learning point in the entire project and one we take very seriously. Of course there will be learn-to-play videos and other resources, but without a good rulebook a game can be almost impossible (or at the very least thoroughly unenjoyable) to learn and therefore play.

Click the image to download our sneak preview English rulebook!

You can download the rulebook at We highly recommend you actually download it, and not view it in the browser. Secondly, we also recommend that in your PDF viewing software, you turn on “two page” mode, or any setting that shows the pages side-by-side, as that is how they were designed to work (as though you had the rulebook splayed open in front of you).

Rulebook feedback? Some backers were asking if they can give rulebook feedback. Of course! But please, if you have some input, let’s try to keep it organized. Feel free to email us at It would be best if you sent any thoughts to us in English (for now, for other languages we can explore possibilities later, once those rulebooks are done) and it would be very helpful if you marked your email subject line with something obviously related such as “Seize the Bean Rulebook Feedback”. That will help us not bury the emails about customer support topics. For those worried about further delays, although we are open to feedback we do not plan to make any major changes to the rulebook, so please do not worry.

We are knee-deep in the variant rulebook. Currently, we are finishing up the diagrams and graphics for the variant rulebook. Unfortunately one of our main graphic designers is away for a few weeks, so we need to see how we restructure in order to complete this without too much time passing. In our next update we’ll report back on how this going.

Translators are being set up for the final stretch. Also in the next update we hope to have some news regarding the estimated completion date for all translators. With this we can finally give a target date of when we plan to hit print.

Thank you everyone, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season, a happy new year, and look forward to seeing you in the next update in 2 weeks (or sooner, if we have a larger update meanwhile)!

Mini-Update for Mid-December
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 01:11:57 AM

Bring on the holidays! As promised, we’re trying mini-updates every 2 weeks to stay in touch without bogging down the team. (Keep in mind that bigger updates will now come when ready, and not on a set schedule.)

We are still preparing language files to submit to our manufacturer. We mentioned 2 weeks ago that we had some English files prepared and we were beginning to update them for each of the languages. We are still working on this and do not have them submitted yet. We’ll keep you all posted the moment those go in.

We are still wrapping up the main rulebook. During the final feedback we found a large structural change we wanted to make. It’s been made so we are cleaning up the results of that. Due to the holidays, we’re moving slower on the main rulebook than we would like. We’ll share news once it’s ready to be submitted to our manufacturer.

Cards are being audited and submitted this week. With the major changes done on the rulebook we are moving our attention to the cards. Again, with the holidays this may move slower than we like. We’ll keep you all updated with our progress as usual.

No other topics to report at this time. We are wishing you all a happy holiday season and look forward to getting this game out to you in 2020!

Thank you everyone, and see you in the next update in 2 weeks!

Mini-Update for Early-December
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 01:38:42 AM

Welcome to December! As promised, we’re trying mini-updates every 2 weeks to stay in touch without bogging down the team. (Keep in mind that bigger updates will now come when ready, and not on a set schedule.)

 So far, all of the English files we uploaded to our manufacturer have been approved! This is absolutely huge. We still have a lot of files to go, but this milestone means this week we are copying the approved English files and beginning to fill them up with the non-English language content. Incredibly exciting for us all!

We made it completely through our graphic design pass of the main rulebook. All feedback is over to our graphic designer, Janna, and she is smashing through it as fast as she can. With this out of the way, the only graphic task we’ll have left will be the variant rulebook polishing as well.

Cards are updated but not yet submitted to Panda. We’ll also be trying to get these tidied up for submission this week but it looks like we won’t have them and the rulebook done in the same week. Therefore we’ll focus our energy on attempting to push past the finish line on the rulebook first.

Translations continue to move forward, without much to report. We know people are eager to see the content in their language. As noted in the last mini-update, we can’t promise this yet, but if we’re able to we’ll surely try to release content before hitting the final print button.

Lastly, shipment date is not further solidified. Hang in there as you shop for the holiday season and we’ll be updating you as soon as we know more.

Thank you everyone, and see you in the next update in 2 weeks! (And let us know if these mini-updates are working well for you, please.) 

Mini-Update for Mid-November
over 1 year ago – Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 12:56:05 AM

Hey everyone! As promised, we’re trying a mini-update to mark the middle of the month. We’ll try to keep it quite short (especially for anyone who feels we email or update too much).  

Currently, we have finalized and uploaded 16 out of 90 files to our manufacturer, Panda. Y’all may not know this but with all the languages there are a whopping 90 files that must be sent to the printer! :O In the next regular-sized update, we’ll share a more detailed overview of all those files for those that are interested. Most of the not-yet-uploaded files are final, but still being carefully checked by our team before uploading. One exception to that is that there are a few very minor changes to do to the card files before uploading (for example: we are swapping two pieces of artwork, based on proofing feedback).

We are currently halfway through our FINAL polish pass of the main rulebook. This is big news because finalizing both rulebooks is the last barrier before English print files can be called 100% done. To clarify, last update we announced that the text is done, so it's just graphics and polishing left to do. We’ll need to follow up with the variant rulebook after. Currently it's unclear if that'll go faster or slower... it is longer but there are some details that make the main rulebook more complex.

All translations are still in-progress but they are going well, and there is nothing major to report there at this time. However, for Spanish specifically, we are happy to say that our friends at Meeple Foundry will be helping to ensure the quality of the Spanish translation! We know people are anxious to see translations when they are done, and if we can do this without causing delays we’ll certainly consider it. As of now it’s unclear if that’s possible.

Lastly, based on estimates from our manufacturer it does not look like we’ll dodge Chinese New Year. We don’t know this for sure yet, but we want to make that statement now, to set everyone up with the right expectations.

Thank you everyone, and see you in the next update in 2 weeks! 

All English Text & Development Done, Delivery News & New Update Frequency
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 01, 2019 at 02:57:20 AM

Happy Halloween! We realize not everyone celebrates this holiday but we enjoy a bit of dress up and make-believe, it all helps to relieve stress, which can be important at this, post-SPIEL time of year!

Here’s a brief overview of our progress:

Want more information about the above? Scroll to the end of the update for a break down of each category in the progress table. 

We know that we write long updates. ;) So for anyone who doesn’t want to read the whole thing, here is the summary for you:

  • We share some ideas below how we can fix the often late Kickstarter updates.
  • We finished all of the English text & development in the whole game. Hooray, finally!
  • Updated delivery news based on our current progress.
  • Example images of how the game components fit in the box.
  • Short pic and update from our time at SPIEL.

For further details (and awesome pictures!) please read more below. :)

We’d like to address the fact that we missed sending out an update at the end of September. In fact, a few backers have reminded us that we implied there would be more frequent updates now that we’re near the end. So what happened?

As you’ll read below, in order to have a better chance of getting the games out of the factory before Chinese New Year (and thus, get them to you all 1 month earlier) we really need to focus. Every day counts. It may not seem like it, but with a small team, the time we take to communicate often sets us back multiple days in our progress due to people’s different work schedules and ways of working.

Regardless of this, we don’t mean to pose it as an excuse. We’re very sorry to let people down and give the impression we’ve gone “silent”. We certainly haven’t! We are right here, working every day, and despite the long journey we are all very excited to be so close to the finish line!

Other backers gave the idea that we could’ve sent a mini-update stating we are busy and a full one will come later. We agree.

As well, backers reminded us that since the project has been long delayed, updates are very important – even mini ones – to help with confidence and trust. We take this seriously too, and agree very much.

Going forward what we want to do is send out mini-updates, every 2 weeks. These will be a quick bullet list of what is going on and when to expect bigger updates. The bigger updates will not be on a schedule, but will come when we reach milestones, such as having the project in print.

This is a new process for us, and so it may not work. But we want to try because we hear your feedback loud and clear and we really do not want to let you down, especially when it comes to communication.

Please don’t hesitate to provide your input or feedback on this new idea in the comments. If it doesn’t work for you all then there is no point in us doing it!

Finally, at last, we have the text done for the entire project! This includes both rulebooks. This is a huge milestone for Seize the Bean. Now we can proceed to finish the graphic design of the rulebooks while translators run for the finish line.

Normally we share text-only versions of the rulebooks online via Google Documents. At the moment we won’t do this yet, as it costs us time setting up those files and they are most valuable for when we are requesting feedback (which we aren’t anymore). That said, we will do our best to share either a text or a graphical version of the rulebook if and when we can.

(If you have any thoughts or requests regarding this topic feel free to put them in the comments!)

We’d like to quickly note that all development is done by now. We successfully tested the remaining aspects of the game, including higher player count compatibility and take that stress testing. The most notable test was a 6 player game with 3 new players, 2 of our developers, and someone who had played before. We made sure our team used the Expert tokens and the familiar player used a Hard token. The new players announced at the end of the game that it felt very balanced!

Here’s a quick, casual snap from the testing we did recently. In this image you see the Friedrichshain district being played, one of the most vicious take that versions of the game that exists!

We are beyond excited for you all to finally get the chance to play this game. Based on all our playtesting and demoing there is an overwhelmingly positive response to the gameplay as well as the components and art. Obviously this is always the risk with a Kickstarter project so we are pleased to state our confidence in that department! 

In the last update we wrote that “we intend to go to print in September” and thus announce a delivery date then. We missed this due to the complexity of finalizing the two rulebooks. There is a lot of text and a lot of collaboration between our development team, our production team, our graphic designers, and our translators. As with many aspects of the project, we have greatly underestimated the time it takes to do this without rushing it and risking quality.

Looking forward, here is a quick sketch of a timeline once manufacturing starts:

  • Minimum 2 months in the factory.
  • Minimum 6 weeks on boats.
  • Minimum 2 weeks between customs and fulfillment starting.

This means that from the moment we start printing there will be about 4 months of wait. Chinese New Year is in February so if we cannot get games on boats before that it will add another month of waiting.

So when can you expect delivery?

  1. If we finish translation in the next two weeks we can maybe dodge Chinese New Year and games would start arriving at the end of Q1 next year (end of February, more likely during March).
  2. If we don’t finish translation in the next two weeks we will hit Chinese New Year and will deliver in Q2 next year (exact month unknown, but more like April or early May).

Currently, we are trying our very best with all resources dedicated to avoid overlapping with Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, due to our incorrect estimates during the course of the project, it is very likely we’ll need more than 2 weeks to finish and therefore the second option above is what you should all expect.

While we know this is not what you want to hear, we want to maintain full transparency. The good news here is that we have only one more major step between now and hitting the big “print” button. And once that happens there will be nothing more to estimate incorrectly or prevent us from a clear timeline.

Thank you everyone for your endless patience on this project and your generous belief in us. We will not let you down. And of course, as always, feel free to share your thoughts, your feedback, your complaints and your encouragement in the comments below!

Last update we noted that we wanted to show how things fit in the box. So let’s do it!

Here are all of the components, including add-ons and contents of the 5-6p expansion. (Basically, everything possible to own from the project, excluding the deck box, plushie and actual coffee.)

Many of the components have their own containers, so we start by putting them in there. 

Here are all the components again, packed into their own containers, such as plastic and fabric baggies.

Obviously, we suggest packing the cards in the card bags, resources in the resource bags, and all other components in left-over bags. We also like to store the resin first player tokens in player resource bags.

Here's a quick shot of how we pack the cloth bags. Note that we put the chocolate milk and brown sugar in with their siblings but we actually keep the green beans out of the bean sack, on their own.
We can't really express enough how nice the functionality of these bags has been with all the playtesting and demoing we do. It helps a lot for pack up and setup!
As a quick side note, although they are not used in the rest of the pictures in this "pack the box tutorial" we wanted to show you how the stickers generally look when applied to their bags. (Please note these are not the PPC stickers but ones we laser printed in the office for testing.)

Once everything is sealed up in its own baggie or container we can begin packing the box...

Sticker sheets go in the box first!

Start by putting the sticker sheets in the box. 

Then rulebooks!

After that, put the rulebooks in. 

Then player boards...

Player boards go on top, to the side, with room for the cards. 

Cards go next...

All of the cards fit wonderfully above the player boards, leaving lots of room for the other components.

Next up, the resource and player bags.

We put in the resource and player bags so they’ll be a bit protected by the other items.

Then goes the first layer of bagged components!

Continue with the second layer... 

...more and more components on top!

All of the various tokens and resin bits fill the empty space quite perfectly. 

And lastly, we load in the playing mats. (Here we actually have both and it still fits!)

On top we add the playing mat (or mats, if you have both). 

Image of the box closed, after being filled to the brim.

The top fits just fine, as you can see above!

Let's give it a weigh...
Nearly 2.5kg! :O

As you can see, the game weighs a ton, as we initially expected way back in 2018.

Yes, yes, we know: “But what about with sleeves?” Here's how you can pack it with sleeves: 

Here’s what the packing looks like with sleeved cards. Notice that the cards don't fit in a nice neat row above the boards anymore, but things can be squeezed to fit still! :)

Using premium sleeves, we are still able to fit everything into the box, though it takes a bit more effort and careful packing. 

And the top still fits fine! ;)

Here's a quick shot above to show that the box top still fits flush, even with sleeved cards.

And the final weight with sleeves... nearly 3kg!

Finally, you can see the weight with sleeves above. What a beast of a game!

Big thank you to everyone who came by at SPIEL. We really enjoyed seeing you! For those that wanted and expected to get their games, we are truly sorry we couldn’t honor your desires there. All we can say on the topic is that we are working hard to get the games to you, but your presence and energy helps us a lot. And despite being a small team, we had a lot of wonderful game runners who helped us demo many games including Seize the Bean at the event. 

Our wonderful event team, including quite a few volunteer game runners. (Special shout out to Sam who isn't in the pic and Eva from our production team who stayed home to work on Seize the Bean!)

We heard some requests from people to have more than one table with Seize the Bean. To clarify, we can’t do this because we now only have one prototype / pre-production copy of the game. It wouldn’t make sense to devote time to making or ordering more copies this close to finish. So hopefully this explains why we didn’t designate more table space to the game; we certainly would if we could, we desperately want you all to get a chance to play as soon as possible! 

As always, if you want a deeper look into our progress please see the detailed charts below. (Note that each item with a small, orange ‘tick’ next to it, indicates that we have noticeably progressed on that topic.)

Thank you everyone, and see you in the next mini update in 2 weeks!