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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

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Families, Health Nuts & KS Exclusives
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:46:19 PM

Absolutely unbelievable! Our team is speechless. Everyone has worked so hard to make Seize the Bean a great game and while we never stopped pushing and our passion was always at 100% it’s easy to say that none of us expected this. Thank you, everyone, for proving our expectations wrong!

In order to further thank you we’re gonna throw more hungry customers your way but we're also excited to unveil a Kickstarter exclusive we’ve been working on which we think you’ll enjoy. Let’s feed those caffeine-craving customers first though...

There has been a bit of back and forth in the comments regarding the sheer amount of customer groups. From concerns that too many could dilute the game, to praise that it adds to the replay-ability, to math that even suggests you couldn’t play all the variations of Seize the Bean until 2073. Whew! That’s a lot for us to take in and we want you to know that we’re listening.

Seize the Bean has been designed to reflect our lovely city of Berlin both thematically and mechanically. This means we want a vast amount of diverse characters with varying abilities and we want the possibility for the game to always be in flux (just like our city). We will stay open to feedback as we go but we’re determined to provide a full experience to our gamers. So let us embrace these new groups with open arms...

If you thought Tourists were a menace wait until you meet the Families. They come in like they own the place, bubbling with overly-positive, sleep-deprived vibes and noisy kids. They mean well, but they just can’t help themselves from annoying all of those around them. And that’s why their abilities will cancel the abilities of other customers. How you use that is up to you!

A tragetuch is the German word for a carrying wrap. It’s super trendy, very useful and the cornerstone of really minimalist parenting. From the front you may not even notice the sneaky adult slip in as they order a tasty beverage like any other customer... until all of a sudden their little passenger wakes up and the cries begin.

While the Stroller Parent is super down-to-earth and quite fun to have around they make one vital mistake: bringing their vehicular baby device everywhere. Without ample outdoor parking these things just take up a lot of space and really make the tiny, hole-the-wall cafés of Berlin impossible to navigate.

It’s not everyday that it happens, but when they go visit a café the entire shop knows it, because the Whole Fam Damily is disruptive to say the least. The last thing those kids need is more energy and while their parents must be tired it’s probably a bad idea to throw caffeine on top of those already stressed-out nerves!

This group is essential to Berlin and we’re proud of that! Despite its reputation for late-night doner kebab the city boasts a relatively health-conscience agenda with bio stores scattered about and a wide array of vegetarian and vegan options for eating out. The Health Nuts help us all to lower the amount of crap we put in our bodies, and that’s why their abilities will revolve around lowering the cost of ingredients you need to pay to serve other customers in your line.

Lovingly referred to as “the pretzel guy” by our awesome backers, the Proud Yogi is somehow proud but not quite smug. With a humble nature and a limber mind, he’s able to remain open to almost any suggestion. That is, except for skipping yoga!

Not everyone can be as ego-free as the Proud Yogi and so in runs the Smug Jogger. She needs a coffee to go, really quick, but one requiring the most amount of special preparation possible. And then she’s off! Well, not before preaching about the importance of having a strong cardio regime to your other customers...

There’s always gonna be a customer who can’t be fully understood and as far as the Health Nuts go that’s gotta be the Esoteric Guru. Often giving insights on non-traditional medicines and suggesting new practices and experimental ideas, the Guru can never be said to not embody adventure and creativity. They can however be blamed for having some weird coffee choices!

At Quality Beast we’ve backed a lot of tabletop projects ourselves and we believe that all of a game’s playable content should be made available to gamers who missed the crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, our Kickstarter exclusives will largely focus on aesthetic upgrades to the game and (while free to backers) will be made available to purchase by non-backers post-campaign.

With that said, we’re excited to introduce our first Kickstarter exclusive!

We’ve been wanting to provide some sort of container for the beans (and possibly the other resources) but plastic cups just didn’t fit our expectations of quality and aesthetics for the game. At SPIEL16 we brought these giant, authentic burlap sacks from a Berlin-based coffee roastery to use as bean bags. Since then we couldn’t budge the burlap from our brains, so we’ve checked with our manufacturer and they are confident they can make some nice, miniature burlap sacks that will sit flat and store the beans for scooping. Our artist, Mario, is working hard to figure out a final design for them, as well as two other bags for the milk and sugar. We’ll share more as we progress but we wanted to explain the stretch goal since it was revealed by now.

(Please note that these will be free for all backers and made available as an add-on for pre-orders or retail purchasers.)

That’s it for today! Thank you all again for making this dream come true!

Upper Class, Fashionistas & Founders Expansion
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:45:43 PM

The success of the campaign so far has really been amazing for us and it seems that for many of you it’s been an enjoyable campaign too. We’ve had some very encouraging comments regarding how far we can go (which we want to thank you all for!) and by our calculations if we can keep up our current momentum we may be able to reach €100k. We’re working on a very exciting €100k stretch goal in case that happens so let’s all keep pushing, keep sharing, and keep enjoying this ride!

Until then, we’ll slow down the updates to about two per week. We’re doing so to respect people’s inboxes. Please let us know if you’d rather see more (or even less) than this and we’ll happily oblige. Now, let’s dig into some of the new customers you’ve unlocked…

Berlin is often referred to as “poor but sexy” so the Upper Class don’t always fit in, at least to that first part. In fact, when you’re the richest in the room, things can get awkward pretty quick. It’s for this reason that the success of an Upper Class customer really depends on the rest of your clientele, and so their abilities will revolve around giving you rewards from other cards in your deck.

Meet the Lawyer. Yup, just the Lawyer. Nothing weird, nothing extravagant, just a normal, hard-working, well-mannered individual. Those are about one-in-a-million when it comes to Berlin’s typical archetypes so be thankful when they come strolling into your café!

Berlin is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe and it’s the Tech Nerds and Start Uppers that earned it that name, but there’s always gonna be a small selection of young urban professionals who rise up from that crowd, riding a wave of success until it goes to their heads. Didn’t someone ever tell this Silicon Yuppie that success isn’t everything?

As an alternative city there are often many perspectives to represent and so it’s not uncommon to see an uncommon position be taken by party officials. However, at the end of the day, they’re still politicians and this is still Berlin!

What Berlin is much more known for than its politics is its fashion scene. One of the few rare sneaker capitals of the world and a frequent home to the infamous Bread & Butter trade show it’s not a strange sight to see the latest trends and weirdest fashion statements on a daily basis, all of which are quite amusing, whether you’d wear them or not. And that’s why this group’s abilities allow you to increase the rewards of other customers in your line.

It all begins with these talented creatures, who dream up the next stylish shape or put together the most popular palettes. No doubt stressed out from the demand of their jobs, they thrive on coffee and long hours to keep their inspired handiwork in motion.

Style, elegance and grace are not often things which can just be bought and the Old Fashionistas help remind us of that fact. This is one of the most interesting aspects of Berlin; that the city doesn’t have a single face for the fashionable, but permits many varied styles to earn the title of fresh, especially those of a vintage nature!

Speaking of vintage: last but not least is the infectious Sneakerhead, who can’t be pinned down to wearing, collecting, amassing or reselling, but traverses all aspects of the shoe industry. From vintage kicks to new drops every weekend, you can often find this individual camping out on the street for a week straight to get the hottest new releases.

We’ve had a lot of potential extra content and diverse gameplay ideas for Seize the Bean since day one. We’ve tried a lot of them too and some things which worked we’ve saved for later, intent on bringing you a core game that is at its cleanest possible. Since the campaign has begun it’s been delightful to hear how many backers make suggestions that go exactly in-line with what we’ve been planning. This is such a great feeling for our team and only means that (once implemented) our ideas will really match what all of you want!

Although not unlocked yet, we wanted to highlight the newly revealed Founders Expansion. This mini-expansion will add Founder Cards into the mix, which players can use to alter their starting setup and perhaps even provide unique actions. Along with that will be player boards that at the very least will offer unique artwork representing different cafés. If testing goes good we will look to implement some variable mechanics here as well. We'll keep you up-to-speed once we can provide more information and aim to include this mini-expansion in the print and play at some point. Until then, let’s keep sharing to make it to €57k and get this mini-expansion unlocked!

That’s it for now, we hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend and are excited for the week to come. We know we are, as by now we owe you a few more stretch goals to reveal and we think you’re gonna like what you’ll see…

Media, Locals and F&F Expansion
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:45:08 PM

We’ve taken a bit longer to get this update out because we fainted from excitement. The entire team is in a big pile on the Quality Beast office floor. The amount of superb ideas and the extremely strong positive energy flying around our Kickstarter messages and the comments section of the campaign page is overwhelming. Thank you all for the love, excitement and belief in Seize the Bean!

Besides crowd-fainting we’ve been busy (as promised) crunching numbers to provide (hopefully) better shipping prices. We’re not 100% there yet but getting much further and should have an announcement soon. We’re also collecting emails for play-testing and getting close to a public release of Seize the Bean on Tabletop Simulator. If you haven’t signed up already please do so at:

That’s it for future selling, let’s talk to some currently waiting customers…

Cameras are everywhere. Microphones too. And no matter how grimy, indie, or alternative Berlin wants to be, it also can’t escape this reality. But it doesn’t have to be all bad, actually. When using the media to your advantage you can really achieve some success, but be careful because it might be at the expense of others! Thus, the Media group’s abilities will allow you to swap good and bad reviews, improving your position and lowering that of your opponents!

Just a plain old Journalist, right? Better think again. From ridiculous antics like anonymous artists live-painting busy intersections to the rise of the squatter community to political demonstrations to explosive startups, there is never a dull moment in Berlin. And that means the life of even the most traditional journalists can be a wild and hectic ride, full to the brim with interesting stories.

But on the flip side, there’s a lot of fake stuff going on, with movies, series, commercials and music videos being filmed throughout Berlin’s already-busy districts. Therefore it’s not uncommon to see a Film Crew blocking a street or flooding a train station or taking over your favorite café. Don’t these folks have jobs? Oh, wait, right...

Beyond the traditional folks, there is another media creature in Berlin, this one much more focused on the artistic and independent side of things. While quite talented, the Indie Filmmaker is not a rare breed, but actually a common archetype that you can find scattered throughout Berlin. Competing to put the most amazing works into each Berlinale (Berlin’s own famous international film festival) you’d be hard-pressed to catch the Indie Filmmaker lazing about in a café sipping a latte.

The joke here is that German culture is quite unique in the way people typically express excitement or happiness. There is not much over-exaggeration or dramatization, which is very nice and pragmatic. This does mean that often visitors to the beautiful city of Berlin don’t always call it “friendly” and frequently have things to say about the service in general. That’s why this group’s abilities will allow you to return customer’s to the top of your deck, whether that be the locals themselves (to return every day) or the frustrated out-of-towners (that you never end up serving) is up to you!

It all has to start here, and actually, it’s hard to complain about the service of kebab shops across Berlin, because overall they are top notch. Whether you want a gourmet veggie kebab or something super trashy for that early-morning stumble home from the club you can find it in Berlin. The Doner Chef has you covered, alles komplett!

With such a city in flux it’s no surprise that buildings rise and change like the tide of the canals (which, actually, doesn't change, but you get the point). And who is at the center of all this action? The Architect. Blamed for the dot-com-boom-like gentrification across town, the Architect does a lot of good too: restoring the beautiful “altbau” (older buildings) of Berlin and finding ways to provide much more eco-friendly energy mechanisms for large apartment complexes.

Berlin, although young, has been through its fair share of history, and therefore can be considered a bit of an old soul, just like that storytelling, advice-giving, know-it-all Old Bartender who seems to work in every pub across the city. Sure, there’s a lot of “youth” going on in Berlin, but don’t forget the value and power of the elderly in today’s culture!

This mini-expansion is something we’ve been excited to share for a while. It may seem subtle but it should add a very interesting twist to the game for those that have played before. Let's look a bit deeper at what it does and why...

The added expansion will provide a total of at least 8 unique Friends & Family (F&F) for players to choose between. “Unique” here refers to the abilities, not the art (which may end up also being unique across the whole group, depending on how much time we have to get creative with these cards). At the beginning of the game, players will shuffle the F&F into a single deck, then each draw a hand of 8 and draft them around the table until everyone has 4 (with the rest being discarded). This will allow for a wide variety of asymmetrical starting strategies. Do you take a lot of cards with Opa’s ability to eject customers? Or rather the Popular Friend’s ability to attract extra customers? It’s up to you! And what you take goes into your deck so other player's won't see it until you're serving them, keeping your strategy hidden for the first few turns...

If the space on the punchboards allow, we may also introduce a few additional F&F rewards, for example, one that nets you 5 Good Reviews at the end of the game if you happen to have successfully stolen any extra F&F from the other shops (codenamed “The Betrayer” award)!

That’s it for today. We’ll be back in a few days with more customers and some news about Solo Mode. Stay tuned and keep on spreading the word!

Blaue Bohne, BGG Contest & Heavy Cardboard
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:42:34 PM

We’ve got a surprise for everyone! Our amazing roastery partners at Blaue Bohne (right here in Friedrichshain, Berlin!) are not only going to appear in the game as Founder Cards and on a player board as one of the café artworks, but they'll also be working with us to make a series of unique Seize the Bean coffee blends! But that’s not all, we’re also going to make a special edition, alternate art sleeve for the box to honor Blaue Bohne and give our backers something special to show off on their shelves.

(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)
(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)
(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)
(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)

We are absolutely hyped about this news and we hope the coffee drinkers (and box sleeve lovers) among you are equally excited as well!

To get these new goodies into your hands we’ve added a Coffee Lover’s Edition pledge level. It includes the special edition box art sleeve plus three 500g bags of specialized Seize the Bean coffee (the flavor details of which will be revealed later).

The price includes the shipping of the coffee so there’ll be no extra shipping cost (beyond the cost of shipping you the game and any other add-ons you purchase in the pledge manager).

If you’re already pledging at any level above Espresso (such as Flat White, Burnt Cappuccino, Low Fat Soy Caramel Iced Latte or Skim Milk White Chocolate Mint Affogato) have no fear, we got you covered! Simply increase your pledge by €60 and you’ll be credited in the pledge manager for the Coffee Lover’s Edition upgrade add-on. This will upgrade your game to be the special edition and include the three 500g bags of beanery! For everyone else at Espresso or Decaf Coffee pledge levels, you can simply upgrade your pledge level without losing any of your rewards.

In you’re not in for the special edition box sleeve but you just want some coffee (or perhaps if you want more than the three 500g bags) we’ll be making 250g, 500g and 1kg bags of all three blends available as separate add-ons in the pledge manager. All of these again have their shipping included so you won’t be charged anything extra (as long as your pledge or add-ons include at least one copy of the game). Feel free to increase your pledge to cover the amount you’d like if you want to contribute towards the breaking of more stretch goals!

Furthermore, we’ve added this information in a new “Add-Ons” section, where you can also see that extra copies of the game will be available to add on to any pledge level (which is a commonly asked question from a lot of you). As the campaign progresses, we’ll be adding some more exciting add-ons to this section so keep your eyes peeled!

Show off your in-depth knowledge of the game by entering in our BGG contest starting tomorrow, February 7th! Four runner-ups will receive free Espresso pledge level rewards while one lucky grand prize winner will get a free Coffee Lover’s Edition!

If you’ve never entered a BGG contest before, don’t worry, it’s easy! Simply head over to and look on the main page for the “Sponsored Contests” section. You’ll see ours there. Just by entering you’ll get the Seize the Bean contestant microbadge and if you can correctly answer enough trivia questions about Seize the Bean, you may just win big!

While Seize the Bean might look like a lightweight, silly filler game it certainly isn’t being described as such by reviewers and preview play-testers. We’ve definitely heard it being called a “middleweight euro in disguise” by some folks, and so we thought it’d be fun to send it over to the heaviest content creators we know: Edward, Amanda and Davis from Heavy Cardboard!

Tune in this Thursday, February 9th, at 1900 MST / 0200 UTC / 0300 CET to catch the Heavy Cardboard crew teaching Seize the Bean and then getting hooked into a 3-player game. (If you want to be reminded about the stream you can already click here to visit the stream link and setup a notification for when it starts.) Lead game designer Dylan Howard Cromwell (aka dilkROM) will be in the chat to answer questions and may be joined by Co-Designer Andy Couch as well. And, who knows, maybe something really interesting will be revealed…? ;)

That’s it for today’s update. We hope you’re excited about the above. And if not, stay tuned, we’ve got a few more special updates to come…

Unlockable Add-Ons, Decaf Lover’s Edition & TTS Stream
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:40:50 PM

With only one week left we really wanted to pull out all the stops, so to speak. Many of our ideas are doable as long as we have enough funding but a majority of those wouldn’t be financially possible as free add-ons. We know that many gamers (ourselves included) don’t particularly enjoy stretch goals that unlock things backers have to pay for (it just feels weird), and thus we’ve decided to create unlockable add-ons which will be made available in parallel to the stretch goals. We really hope this sits well with all of you wonderful coffee (or tea) loving deck-builders out there and if not, we’re sure to hear about it from you in the comments! :)

With that said, let’s go through the juicy unlockables we’ve thrown up for you on the add-ons section…

(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)
(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)

We’re giving you the first one already unlocked, and that’s a very exciting collaboration with Sam Zhao from KakapopoTCG who is actually running his own Kickstarter campaign right now too! He’s offering some very cool, milk-carton-shaped deck boxes for storing cards and other gaming peripheral, so naturally we reached out to see if he’d be up for teaming up on a custom, Seize the Bean milk carton deck box and he said yes! Thanks, Sam! (And shout out to our backer, Jill, from Adelaide, for the awesome idea!)

How do we imagine these being used in Seize the Bean? As many people guessed, the stickered / printed baggy stretch goal is in fact a sign that we are not going to pursue an insert. The complexity and cost of one just doesn’t make sense in the end, and as our manufacturer wisely advised, we “might be trying to organize the box at the detriment of the game itself”. (Thanks, JW!) So, with the baggies covering storage, we thought that the milk carton deck boxes can aid with setup instead. This works because Sam promises us that a single deck box can hold 120 cards, double-sleeved. With 60 customers, 30 products and 30 upgrades (plus some Friends and Family and maybe some Founders) a setup game of Seize the Bean could entirely fit into a single milk carton deck box (maybe even sleeved – well, single-sleeved, at least)! We’ve requested some samples from Sam to double-check the quality and spacing, and if a second box would fit the tokens, meeples and resources then the only thing from keeping Seize the Bean from being a travel game would be the player boards (and while far-fetched, we’ve some fun ideas there too…).

(Please note that the artwork on the deck boxes is just a fast placeholder and that Mario will be putting in some quality time to conceptualizing out a few potential designs!)

With so many people requesting a play mat we couldn’t ignore it. Cardboard wasn’t an option for us because the game is already estimated to weigh near 2kg and the folded board would take up more space then we’re willing to give. Rubber or neoprene just wasn’t something we felt fit the aesthetic nature of Seize the Bean, and canvas, while more fitting, has physicality issues when used in conjunction with lightweight components (like cards). We thought we were stuck until one of our backers, Varga Olivér, came up with the idea to do a tablecloth play mat (also, shout out to Brian Lewis for seconding the idea, as well as anyone else who encouraged it along). We find this to be so thematic that it’s a must. And so, we priced it out and we’re happy to say we’re going for it! Keep an eye out: once we break €80k we'll make this add-on available for all backers to purchase by increasing their pledge and/or selecting it later in the pledge manager!

(Please keep in mind that our super fresh artist, Mario, will require some time to put together a few different concepts of the play mat. As he works, we’ll keep all of you in the loop as to what we’re thinking for potential artwork.)

We admit it. It’s not a strict, Seize-the-Bean-related add-on, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Inspired by the likes of Leder and Gamelyn we’ve decided to make a Cubee plushie. While we do have the process already started and safely priced out we don’t yet know if our idea of an optional apron (that Cubee could wear when she wants) will be possible. As soon as we know and have our actual concept art prepared we’ll share it! Meanwhile, let's push towards €90k so we can make this add-on available for all backers to purchase!

Here it is, our big €100k unlock reveal. A pack of resin figures representing the three different snacks in the game, plus the soy milk icon (a soybean) and a bonus moka pot to use as a player hype marker. Each of these figures will come in quantities of 6 in the pack, which should be more than enough to enjoy in the game. We hope that those of you who enjoy extra deluxe components for your games will find value in this snack pack, and as with the above-mentioned add-ons, we’ll be providing more information as we work with our manufacturer on the samples!

It’s important to note that all of these add-ons will be limited. It is totally fine to increase your pledge in order to cover their cost if you already know you want them. This will actually help us a lot, because not only will it smash more stretch goals but once we send out Kickstarter surveys we’ll be able to get a better idea if we need to produce less (or more) of each add-on.

This has to be the funniest part of the campaign for us: putting out something and seeing how people react, and gosh are you a very exciting bunch of backers! It’s amazing how many non-coffee-drinkers are into a coffee game. We love that and we’re very thankful for your support! We know that actions speak louder than words so we want to “say” thanks by showing you we’ve heard your requests for a sleeve sans beans.

As you’ll now see on the campaign page we have released a Decaf Lover’s Edition of the game. This includes all of the rewards in Espresso but also has a sleeve included. We’ve based the price off of some input we had from a few of you. We really hope this is inline with what you were after and is priced fairly.

Right, but why is there an add-on? Because some of you who have backed at a higher level may also like a sleeve sans-coffee and thus we wanted to make that available to you as well. Backing for multiple copies of the game? This add-on is applicable there too! 

Many of you have been waiting for it and we are dedicated to get you Tabletop Simulator (TTS) access before the campaign ends, if possible. We are in the final steps of testing our module (aka “mod”) and we thought it’d be fun to get a live stream going. In fact, we’ll be inviting three wonderful guests in to join us showing off our Seize the Bean TTS mod publicly for the first time: video game stream artisan, Penny, from SnapCube will be running the stream on her Twitch channel, joined by the creative superhuman duo, Dalton Broback (who built the mod with his own two, coffee-stained hands) and Lucia Lobosvilla (voice actor, writer, director and self-proclaimed dog-petter).

Join in on Penny’s Twitch channel this Saturday, February 10th (yes, tomorrow!), at 2 PM CT / 21:00 CET and if you can’t wait until then go ahead and watch this preview video she has created!

Whew, what an update! We’ll be back on the weekend if we have any other news about the print and play, public launch of our TTS mod, and what exactly that weird looking stretch goal at €95k is… ;)