Seize the Bean - A Light-Hearted Deck Builder about Berlin!

Created by Quality Beast

Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

MPCs Arrived, Live Unboxing Stream, & Address Changes
17 days ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 02:22:37 PM

Hello patient coffee lovers! As mentioned in the last update, here's an impromptu one to let you know we received the mass production copies.

First of all, if you don't know what an MPC is: basically, it's just a copy of the final game exactly as you will receive it, shipped to us early for a final once-over. And now it's here!

We got one copy of each language, so it will take us until the end of the week to fully check everything and give the factory the thumbs-up. However, from everything we've seen so far, it looks great!

We'll share a few photos below, with many more to come in the next update, but also check out our regularly scheduled streams this week for an unboxing and live play through. The English stream is today, Thursday, at 21:00 CET / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT and the German one on Friday, 16:00 CET / 07:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT. We know this information is very last minute so we’ll likely be doing live play throughs again next week as well.

Tune in HERE, via our Twitch channel, if you'd like to watch the stream!

Let’s dig into some early, preview images!

The mass production copies arrived! <3
The factory sent us the sleeved copies so we could see how that works with the shrink wrap and the language sticker. Here's the English copy as an example, before we opened it!
After opening and de-sleeving them, here you can see we received 1 copy of each language: English, German, Spanish, French, and Chinese! It's a lot of content to proof, as you'll see in the next pictures...
Here's all the contents of the base game, plus all your free Kickstarter extras, and the play mat. This picture was incredibly hard to figure out how to shoot; there’s too much good stuff in here! :D
Here’s a copy we've already punched, stickered, and bagged, so you can see how it looks nicely packed up in its box. (Note: the rulebooks are set aside to not cover the components from view.)
We also got the 5-6 Player Expansion. Here's a quick preview of its contents.
And we even got to play a first game of it already! It went so well, and we love it. We'll surely have many more photos of this round of play (and others) to come; check our social media as we begin to post in the following days.

We have loads more details and photos to share, but we’ll need some time to finish checking the MPCs, shooting them, and then preparing the photos to present to you all. So don’t worry, if you’re excited to see more detailed shots they’ll be coming in the next update!

Just to reassure you, yes, we're still on track for the schedule posted in Update #53. That means your games will be picked up onto the boats for freight shipping in late April. No problems or delays in production so far!

We touched on this in the last update, but we're still getting a lot of questions about shipping and customs, especially from our lovely UK backers. Our intention is to make sure you face no extra or hidden charges, and we are intending to ship to UK backers from the UK. We are hoping to confirm this in our coming update. If our confirmation is not satisfactory, you will have time to make other arrangements with us then, so please be patient! :)

As mentioned, we'll start freight shipping products to our warehouses in a few weeks. So if your address has changed since you originally submitted your info, or if you never submitted it, please write to! You can also still write there to add any items to your pledge, or request any other changes be made to your pledge.

As previously announced, we'll post the next regular update on April 15th.

Until then, stay as safe and healthy as you possibly can, and happy gaming!

Still On Track, Mass Production Copy Coming, & Shipping Questions
29 days ago – Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 05:18:23 PM

Hi all! As said in the previous updates, mass production of the game is still on track and our update today is rather routine.

We are still on track to receive our mass production copy this month. If you don’t know what a “mass production copy” is or you just want more details there is a section on that below.

As many of you may have heard, the world of freight shipping is very volatile these days but we currently have no cause for alarm. Our factory and our freight shipper have both confirmed that our schedule from Update #53 is still an accurate estimate.

As a reminder for those that do not want to look back at that update: we estimate to begin shipping the games from the factory at the end of April. If this changes, you will all be the first to know! 

We mentioned this last update, but to reiterate: we expect to receive the mass production copy before March is over. This mass production copy (also known as an MPC) is the final copy of the game, fully finished, exactly as you will receive it. We spoke to our factory this week and they appear to be on track to mail the MPC to us next week. Therefore, we anticipate to have the MPC in our hands during the last week of March.

When we have it, we will surely take pictures, share details, and of course attempt to provide a live stream play through. Since this will happen before the next routine update, be aware that we may do an impromptu update to share the MPC with you all.

We see all your questions and comments about shipping and we will be responding to them all. The main questions we are seeing are about the UK and Brexit. These will be answered in full in our next update. However, we can meanwhile summarize by saying that it’s our full intent to make sure you are not incurring any extra charges. We plan to have backers receive their games from warehouses in Asia, EU, UK, USA, and probably Canada. In fact, before Brexit even happened, we had already thought to deliver UK backers their games from a UK warehouse. We have also already worked with a UK warehouse before, so this is not something new for us.

In the case that our shipping solution presented next month is not satisfactory for you, please feel free to email us at so we can figure something out with you. The last thing we want is that you are facing extra charges, especially after having waited so long and so patiently for us to finish the game.

The next update will be on Thursday, April 15th. Please do note that this is before the scheduled departure of the boats. You may expect to receive a short, impromptu update after that, to make clear that the boats were loaded fine and set sail as planned.

Until then, happy gaming!

Production On Track, PNP & TTS Update, & Happy Chinese New Year!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 11:49:57 PM

Hello everyone! Production is still ongoing as scheduled, so no real news there. However, we did want to discuss some things that are coming up soon...

While the English Tabletop Simulator (TTS) Mod is fully up-to-date, you may have noticed that the Print & Play (PNP) is not. In fact, we’ve also never released PNP kits in other languages besides English. We haven’t updated the English PNP because we need our graphics team to manually adjust the tokens, and they have not been able to schedule this in yet. We also haven’t been able to schedule the time it takes to create the foreign language PNP kits from scratch. This is also why the updated TTS Mod is only available in English so far. We'll let you know once we have any news on that topic, but rest assured we fully intend to update our English PNP, and release PNP kits and TTS mods in other languages.

Celebrations around Chinese New Year are starting today, which means that the factory will be closed for at least the next 2 weeks. Of course, this was already included in our timeline, and they will simply resume production once they come back. Happy new year to any Chinese readers out there!

We're expecting to receive the mass production copy (also known as the MPC) in just over a month, around the end of March. If you don't remember what that means, they're sending us one of the first full copies of the game they have by air. That way, we can check it one final time before they finish producing and assembling all the other copies. And of course, we'll share photos!

The next update will be on Friday, March 12th. Note that this is before the scheduled arrival of the MPC, so there likely won't be much news about production. We figured we might as well stick to the schedule and just give you an extra update when the MPC arrives.

Happy gaming!

Still Printing, On Track, & No Delays!
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 09:26:35 PM

Hey everybody! Happy (belated) new year to you all. As they say, “no news is good news”, but we’ve learned that for our backers radio silence can be the worst, so let’s do an espresso update on Seize the Bean... 

As you probably expected (and as we outlined in the timeline from Update #53) we are still printing the game. We checked with the factory this week and they confirmed there are currently no delays in production. Hooray!

We’ll highlight a couple of important dates, but we urge you to go back and look at the timeline in Update #53 (because it is still accurate) if you want to dig up more details:

  •  March 15th, 2021 - A final copy of the game is sent to us to confirm.
  •  April 19th, 2021 - Games are done and can be put onto boats for shipping.
  •  July 5th, 2021 - Warehouses have games and can begin shipping to backers! 

The next update will be 4 weeks from now, on Friday, February 12th, 2021. Again, there will likely not be much to say, other than “games are still printing”, but we’d like to keep you informed regardless. If anything comes up in the meantime, we’ll send an impromptu update as needed. 

Before we sign off, we have a community-related topic to share. It seems thatSeize the Bean has been nominated as one of the most anticipated games for 2021 over on Board Game Geek! If you’re a Board Game Geek user, feel free to head over to their 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2021 where you can nominate and vote on your favorite games. Nominations end tomorrow, January 16th, and voting takes place between January 17th and January 23rd

Click the image to jump over to Board Game Geek and vote for Seize the Bean if you like! <3

Alright, we're out of here to grab a late-night cup of coffee. Stay safe, and happy gaming, everyone! <3

A Letter to Backers
4 months ago – Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 11:16:50 PM

Dearest backers... Dylan here, lead designer of Seize the Bean and founder of Quality Beast. As noted in our last update, this update will be one from me personally.

Let me begin by saying: holy roasted coffee beans, what a year, huh? Seize the Bean aside, this year has been many things: strange, wild, scary, shocking, isolating, confusing, crushing... the list goes on and on. I certainly can’t balance that out with a runny blob of text, but I’ll try my hardest to at least bring peace where this coffee bean board game is concerned. 

First and foremost, I need to put this here at the top. Many of you are busy folks, or hate reading, or are sick of updates, or for any other reason might not make it past this top section. So let’s declare it loud and up front: we have fully approved all print files and the factory has begun the printing process!

If you are curious about our timeline, please feel free to refer to Update #53, as nothing significant has changed since then. :)

Now, onto my heartfelt ramblings... 

When I spoke to our Promotion Team about this update being a personal message from me, I had a few goals in mind.

  •  Goal 1: Share how relieved and happy I am that we’ve finished the game and printing can begin.
  •  Goal 2: Formally apologize for the mistakes I made which caused delays and disappointment.
  •  Goal 3: Thank you all for hanging in with us, believing in us, and helping us get to the finish line. 

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I know this update isn’t the proper format for a full deep dive into the entire creation history of Seize the Bean (though I do plan to do that at some point, as a post mortem). So, while I won’t tell the whole story, I do need to share that Seize the Bean is my baby. And during the process of bringing this baby into existence there were so many obstacles. Beginning with the design process that we spent 1.5 years on, things were already emotionally taxing. To get to the final version we had to redesign it three different times. Each time it was heartbreaking to completely discard all the work we’d done and rebuild it from scratch. And when we showed it at events, people were so excited about the idea, that there was great pressure to get it to Kickstarter. Ultimately, it’s my belief that we went to Kickstarter too early, and this was a major cause of stress.

Speaking of which, getting onto Kickstarter was absolutely nerve wracking. I always knew I wanted tons of modularity, I always knew I wanted resin pieces, but I never knew if we’d have the proper support to do that. It was already enough of a rollercoaster having finished the fourth (and final) version of the core game just before the campaign, but then building up to the first day of the campaign I felt excited and nervous like never before. I vividly remember the night before the launch, Rahdo (one of the bigger content creators who previewed the game) had sent us his review of it early and it was ravingly good. A flood of relief washed over me. And then the campaign launched. I was not at all ready for the reaction.

You all know the rest of the story. Our team was overwhelmed not only by the project, but by the crowd who had funded it. We were simultaneously amazed and exhausted at nearly every step. My unwillingness to abandon my vision and my lack of experience in proper timeline planning collided in a disastrous way. And thus, my wonderful baby, Seize the Bean, was constantly under the threat of not being born.

But more scary was the fact that it had become your baby too, all 3,038 of you. This is the biggest reason I feel relief. Because I can now tell all of you, our supportive backers, that we are done and the game we promised you can finally go into print. Despite this moment of relief, I still have something very important to say to you all...

To all backers: I’m sorry for anyone that was or still is disappointed or frustrated by this project. I’m sorry for those that lost trust, lost patience, lost excitement. Believe it or not, I can relate a lot. I will not say I know exactly how you feel, but I do believe I know generally how you feel because I’ve had many moments where I’ve been let down by this project, disappointed by it, frustrated by it, and extremely stressed out by it. When I say “this project” what I really mean is myself. :(

For many of you, the above apology is likely nothing new. I’ve said that I’m sorry in a lot of emails, comments, and even past updates. I think at some point, even if the apologies stay authentic, they can begin to lose their meaning. That’s the last thing I want to happen. A backer suggested some months ago that we send out a formal apology. I thought it was a good idea but I also knew the timing would need to be right. With the game finished I felt it was an appropriate moment to address you all and formally apologize. It’s my hope that you can forgive me for my mistakes, and that we can move forward from here, leaving those mistakes behind us, as a remnant of 2020.

With that said, there is something else I need to say to you all as well...

Seriously. From the bottom of my exhausted heart. Thank you all so much.

This project has helped to change my life for the better. I’ve learned countless things about myself, my team, communicating to and connecting with others, and of course about running a board game design studio and publishing house.

And Seize the Bean has become what I always wanted it to be. Despite the delays and the mistakes, this project is a dream come true. I know many of you haven’t played it on Tabletop Simulator, or maybe haven’t even read the rulebook, but I feel confident that what will end up on your doorstep in 2021 is precisely the product I set out to make in 2016.

In fact, Seize the Bean has become more than what I wanted it to be. It became a co-creation with all of you. The game has so many things it wouldn’t have without its backers. I won’t do a full listing now, but from the resin components to the gameplay features, backers contributed majorly to its final form. We wouldn’t have brown sugar or chocolate milk without backers, the snack pack wouldn’t exist, no milk carton deck box. And there would be no 5-6 player mode, no solo mode, certainly no solo scenarios. This community has truly impacted this game, widening its audience and improving its accessibility. And for that I am extremely grateful. 

Now that we’re in print, the story is far from over. In fact, we have a long, quiet road ahead of us, simply waiting for mass production to finish, and then for the games to make their journey on boats and trucks to you all. I hope that this isn’t the end, but rather the beginning, and that we can stay connected to all of you through 2021, leading up to the delivery of the game, and afterwards, as you finally get to play it.

For those that simply can’t wait, I’d like to remind you that we stream weekly in both English and German. Unfortunately, tomorrow’s English stream won’t happen on Twitch, as I don’t have access to a streaming machine over the holidays. However, I’ll be online tomorrow on our Discord server throughout the day and definitely during our streaming time of 21:00 CEST / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT. So, if anyone wants to chat or play a game of Seize the Bean, please do come find me! :) 

We’ll be back in your inbox on January 15th, 2021 with a short, new year check in. There likely won’t be much to say, but we’ll be sure to keep in touch so you aren’t left wondering what’s going on at the factory.

Until then: happy holidays and happy new year to everyone. I hope each and every one of you is safe, healthy, and happy, wherever you are. 


-Dylan Howard Cromwell