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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

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Translation Progress, Print File Previews, &
9 months ago – Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 12:45:13 AM

Hey everyone! As promised, we’re coming through today with a mini-update to touch base about the translation progress and also share some files with you all. 

The following languages are fully done being translated, proofread, and edited:

  • German is 100% done
  • Spanish is 100% done

As of for both French and Chinese, there are only 4 files which are not 100% finished:

  1.  FR Main Rulebook - translation is done, but proofreading and editing is still incomplete.
  2.  FR Expansion Rulebook - translation is almost done, and proofreading and editing is still incomplete.
  3.  FR Cards - there are about 44 cards which have French titles that are too long to fit in the text space provided, they are being shortened to fit better.
  4.  ZH Cards - there are 7 cards which the translator needs clarification on to finish the translation.

Our French and Chinese translators confirm they will be done next week. These few extra days should not be a problem for our overall timeline.

As we promised, we are providing print file previews in 3 waves. Today’s previews consist of all German, French, and Spanish components except the rulebooks. (If all goes well, next Friday you will get previews of the Main Rulebooks, and the following Friday will be the Expansion Rulebooks.)

Please be aware that even though translation and editing is done, it is often the case that our team and/or translators see the print files and make further changes. No one is perfect, and that is why we proof files many times, first in text-only format, then later in the graphical PDF format. Please do not be alarmed if you see minor errors. But do feel free to point them out; this is why we are sharing these with you all before we hit the deadline for submitting the final files for print, so we can get your input!

Also, for French backers, please be aware that the 44 cards which have text that is too long have been omitted from the preview file. It makes no sense to share them until the translators have fixed them.

Please do not share these around. Due to these being just for you to check the translation, the image quality is very low. This is intentional to keep the file size small and to discourage sharing / printing. (If you are looking for the print and play and can’t find it, please email us at Lastly, we are not looking for graphical feedback, nor is it helpful to provide it at this time. :)

You will find all the files listed below with links. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at And remember: we will no longer be making changes or accepting feedback after November 2nd!

German Files:

Spanish Files:

French Files:

Next week is We will be streaming Seize the Bean on our Twitch channel, showing the components, and demoing the digital version of the game for people on our Discord server. Please come join us if you’d like to chat or play the game. We are especially curious to meet any solo gamers out there, as it’s possible to demo the solo mode as well! And of course, if you have any requests, please let us know. :)

We’re going to release another mini update next week on Friday. See you then!

Translation On Track, Solo Scenarios Back, & Language File Release Dates
10 months ago – Fri, Oct 09, 2020 at 09:47:58 PM

Hello! It’s been a busy 4 weeks for us at Quality Beast, and the next few will be no different, but regardless, here comes your update, with nothing but positive news. :)

All 6 of the Solo Scenarios will be included in print for all languages! No more need for a digital download.

To explain in more detail, we haven’t been as responsive in comments as we usually are, but we did read all of your feedback after the last update. The message was clear: you wanted the Solo Scenarios printed. We didn’t know if we could pull it off, and it did take a couple all-nighters, but our amazing development and production teams managed to get the Scenarios polished up and included in the Expansion Rulebook. You can check out the updated Expansion Rulebook here.

Here's a sneak preview of 3 of the Solo Scenarios... click the image to download the Expansion Rulebook and read all 6 of them!

As a reminder, all translation text needs to be done and proofread by October 16th. Currently, all translation teams are on track, with only the Expansion Rulebook left to finish.

Here’s a look at our new timeline again:

Click the timeline to view a bigger version!

As always, we want to share where we’re at with the print files. Our deadline for finished translations isn’t until next week, and even after that there is a full month for proofing and adjusting the print files, but we did submit a number of final files to the manufacturer since the last update.

Summary: all English files have been submitted to the factory.

Summary: many of the smaller language files are also submitted by now.

It’s worth noting there are some files marked as “proofing” which we are on track to submit by the end of next week. At that time, we’d be ready to actually share some of the language files with you all. Speaking of that...

Of course, our timeline does not allow for weeks and weeks of collecting feedback from backers, but we still do want you to have a look at the print files before they hit the press, as many of you requested. Here’s the plan:

  •  Oct. 16th (Friday) - We will share DE / ES / FR boxes, sticker sheets, cards, and player boards 
  •  Oct. 23rd (Friday) - Then one week later, we will share the DE / ES / FR Main Rulebooks 
  •  Oct. 30th (Friday) - And another week later, we’ll share the DE / ES / FR Expansion Rulebooks 

You have until November 2nd to give any feedback. That means you only have one weekend for the Expansion Rulebook, but we’re letting you know in advance so if you want to give feedback you can plan it in now.

(Please note that the Chinese files will be shared by The Wood Games through their own crowdfunding campaign and therefore y’all won’t see those files in an update from us.)

We’re going to release mini updates on the dates mentioned above. See you all by next Friday!

Delivery Date Announcement, Translation Deadlines, and Fully Revised Timeline
11 months ago – Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 07:40:12 PM

Hey everyone! Sorry about the 3 day delay to this update. We accidentally set our due date for this update to be 2 weeks from the last update, which was a short corrections update (#52), not a full one (#51). Hopefully this confusion didn’t let anyone down! Regardless, we have some big news that we know you’ve all been waiting for...

We’ve spoken to our translators and set a firm deadline for them. We’ve done the same with our internal team that works on the final print files. Lastly, we’ve spoken to our manufacturer and our shipping partner and gotten updated estimates from both of them. With all of this info we’ve built a revised, realistic timeline including an estimated delivery date: 

Click the timeline to view a bigger version!

This plan involves the following milestones:

  •  Oct. 16 - Firm deadline for all translated text to be 100% completed & proofed
  •  Nov. 13 - Firm deadline for submitting all final files to our manufacturer
  •  Dec. 7 - Start printing the games at the factory
  •  Mar. 15 - A mass production copy of the game is sent to us for final check
  •  Apr. 7 - Games are completely done, assembly (packaging) starts
  •  Apr. 19 - Freight shipping (by boat) begins for all countries
  •  July 5 - All warehouses have games and begin shipping to backers
  •  July 9 - July 30 - Backers finally receive their games!

Please note that the largest chunks of time on here, manufacturing and shipping, are completely outside our control. The parts that we can control we have tightened as much as we can without being unrealistic. For those who are interested, we’ll go into more detail below to explain this.

We are truly sorry to disappoint everybody who had hoped for an earlier delivery, especially those wanting the games for the holiday season. You all deserved an earlier delivery than this. We’ve said it before we want to say it again: we are extremely sorry for this entire gigantic delay since the beginning. It may be hard to believe, but we are as upset by it as you are. Our hope is that you find some assurance now that we are setting firm deadlines, providing a realistic timeline, and committing to an actual delivery date. This is what you all deserve and we’re doing our best to deliver it.

We said before that we could not provide a delivery date before hitting the print button, but we are glad that's changed. With the creative process being complete on our side, we have been able to get realistic estimates for the other parts of the timeline. Based on these, we’ve set the two deadlines mentioned above:

  • Oct. 16 - All translation text final & proofed
  •  Nov. 13 - All print files finished, proofed, & submitted to the factory

It’s important to note that we did not build any significant buffers into this section of the timeline, so this will be very intense not only for the translators, but also for our graphic and print team. As many of you know, we’re a small company with limited resources. However, we do have some ways to make up for any issues (e.g. employee illness) by shifting the order in which things happen. This is why, based on our experiences with the English files, we are confident we can make the deadline.

As you can see above, mass production and shipping are going to take at least 6 months, and that’s if there are no further factory lock downs or delays due to COVID-19. We did build some buffers into this part of the timeline, following our own experiences and the recommendations of our partners. It’s important to note that there are a few things which make it take longer than usual:

  1.  With 600+ cards our manufacturer says the game can only be produced in minimum 9 weeks, but it’s best to add on 2 weeks buffer.
  2.  6 weeks of holidays unfortunately block our schedule, due to Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Year, so we’ve reflected this in the timeline.

We are so sorry we could not get things done in time to dodge Chinese New Year, as this especially delays the whole timeline. Even for us, it’s upsetting that the process takes this long, but there is one tiny upside: according to our freight shipping partner, April is actually a really good month to be moving games on boats.

We will provide more details on shipping estimates from each warehouse to your delivery addresses in future updates. It’s too far out right now to get clear estimates from our warehouses. 

In order to make the above-mentioned timeline possible, we’ve made an important change to part of the game’s content. The Solo Scenarios were the last piece of content missing from the Expansion Rulebook that we recently shared. They are all playable and complete, but our design & development team is not 100% happy with all of them. We don’t want to deliver a product we aren’t 100% happy with but we also don’t want to delay the project further.

Therefore, we’ve made the decision to remove the Solo Scenarios from the Expansion Rulebook. We will still make them available to you before your games arrive, but they will be published in a digital format (such as a downloadable PDF). And yes, they will be translated. :)

We are sincerely sorry to any backers who were eagerly awaiting these Scenarios, but we need to be honest and realistic. We can confidently stand by 100% of the content in the game and we simply want to be able to say the same about the Solo Scenarios. (Also, please do note that even without the Solo Scenarios printed in the Expansion Rulebook, there are 20 difficulty levels for Solo Mode and nearly all of the multiplayer content, expansions, and variants are Solo Mode compatible.)

Here’s the current status of the print files:

As you can see, not very much has visibly changed on these charts in the last two weeks. This is because most of the translators are on a deep dive in the rulebooks, and it can be inefficient to constantly interrupt their flow to approve print files. We are, of course, in contact with them about making sure they stay on track to meet the new deadline.

Thanks to everyone who has been playing our Tabletop Simulator mod, we hope you enjoy it! Despite those playing it and having fun, there have been some complaints, concerns, and questions about it on social media and Board Game Geek that we want to address:

  • The mod has existed and always been promised since the original campaign.
  • We’ve recently made more noise about it because it’s been updated with the final game files.
  • We thought it was the least we could do to make sure all of you patient backers had a way to play the game while you waited for the physical copy.
  • We are not delaying the game in any way by working on the mod; it is always a low priority topic for our team.
  • None of your Kickstarter pledge money is going towards the mod, if you are concerned that funds are spent in a way you did not expect or want.

Hopefully these details help to clarify any misconceptions people might have had about the mod! :)

We have updated the mod to include the full Expansion Rulebook content. We’ve already shown it off on our last Twitch stream, but now you can try it for yourselves. Feel free to join our Discord to organize a game among yourselves, or to reach out if you would like to play with us (in-between our work, of course)!

Click the image to jump over to the mod's page on the Steam workshop!

Speaking of playing together, we have a new team member named xate, and playing games with you all is literally part of her job description. She’s coming on board as a Community Developer and will do the following:

  • Help us get our support inbox back on track!
  • Hang around on Discord to answer Q’s and teach / play games.
  • Host and co-host our English and German Twitch streams with Tabea and the rest of our promotion crew.

If you’ve been hanging out on our Discord or live streams, you may have interacted with her already. Either that or you might have seen her in our support inbox, where she’s been absolutely smashing it, so if you’ve emailed us and are waiting for a reply, she’s likely getting back to you soon.

Speaking of support, a gentle reminder: if you want to get in contact with us, don’t hesitate to email It's always better to write an email instead of writing via KS messages, social media, or otherwise.(Though, if you’ve already emailed, please be patient as xate and dilkROM dig through the inbox to get to everyone.)

We want to take these deadlines seriously and focus purely on making sure our team and our translators stay on task. Therefore the next update will be in 4 weeks. We’ll see you then. And meanwhile, wish us luck: this is the final sprint!

Update #51 Corrections
11 months ago – Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 06:39:48 AM

Hi everyone! Sorry we’re writing you again so soon, but there were a couple errors in Update #51 we need to clear up.

First off, when we shared the Expansion Rulebook, we invited backers to send feedback our way. Unfortunately, there was a typo in the deadline: We’re accepting feedback until the end of this month, August 31st, not until the end of September. That would be a terrible idea!

We also forgot to mention that the public version of the Expansion Rulebook is missing pages 48-51. These are the solo scenarios, and they’re not included yet because we noticed a few last minute edits to this section, but did not want to delay sharing the rulebook just for them. We’ll share them with you in the final public version after receiving and implementing your feedback.

We also made the silly mistake of mistyping our support email, which is, of course, - please ignore the typo in the last update and use this corrected one.

On the topic of support, we have successfully hired our new support panda! Now we finally have a person primarily dedicated to support again. As noted in the last update, we’ll be onboarding them next week and you can expect to see faster response times once this is done.

That’s it, see you at our Twitch stream tonight at 21:00 CEST / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT!

Expansion Rulebook Live, Translation Update & Potential New Support Panda
11 months ago – Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 11:17:51 PM

Hello everybody, hope you’re doing well. We have another big update for you, so let’s get right to it!

 First of all, what the heck is this Expansion Rulebook? Easy answer: This is the new name of the previously-named Variant Rulebook. We renamed it because people kept getting confused about what this rulebook actually contains, and we’re hoping the new name makes it clearer.

The short explanation is that the Expansion Rulebook contains the equivalent of several expansions. Since we’ve now finished it to the point where we can share it with you, we’ll skip the long explanations and instead invite you to have a look yourself at

Once again, we’d love to hear your feedback. This is possible without causing further delays because we’re still waiting for translated files anyway. So, if you have any input or see typos, please feel free to email us at We’ll stop accepting feedback after September 30th to give our translators time to implement it, so don’t wait too long!

(Important Note: Pages 48-51 were excluded as there is a final edit to make the Solo Scenarios before we want to unveil them to you all. It's nothing major, but we didn't want to release them knowing they would change, and we also did not want to delay the reveal of the Expansion Rulebook. Thanks for your understanding!)

Click this preview image to view and download the Expansion Rulebook!

We have not yet submitted the Expansion Rulebook, so the English files don’t look different yet:

We’re starting to see some of that beautiful green in the language files though:

Please continue to email us at if you have any questions or issues with your pledge. We know we’ve been super slow to respond, but we’ve just completed interviews with a potential new Customer Support Panda. Later this week we’ll know for sure whether they join us, so if all goes well, response times should start going down. Thank you, everyone, who has waited while we try to get on top of this inbox and we are sorry for any inconveniences or stress it has caused.

Many people have been asking to play the expansion content, solo mode, 5-6 player mode, or other variants. Now that the Expansion Rulebook is publicly available, we’ll release all of that in our next TTS mod update. Until then, please keep playing the base game on the existing mod and don’t be shy to join us on our Discord server to meet, organize games, and chat.

Thanks to everybody who has watched our streams these past weeks! In case you missed it, we’ve been streaming Seize the Bean on our Twitch channel. So if you’re itching to see actual gameplay, come join us there every Thursday at 21:00 CEST / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT.

Click this image of our Twitch channel to check it out. If you follow us you’ll receive notifications when we go live with streams!

In case you can’t make it to the live stream, the past streams are available on Twitch for up to two weeks. We’re also planning to upload the videos to our YouTube channel. Once they’re up we’ll let you all know.

Click this image to jump over to our YouTube channel if you want to watch our videos but can’t make the live streams.

The next update will be in two weeks, so it’ll be a shorter one.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to check out the Expansion Rulebook, send us your feedback, and enjoy all the digital content. See you soon!