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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mini-Update for Mid-February
7 months ago – Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 08:50:23 PM

Hello backers! We are still in February, and while the effects of Chinese New Year have worn off there are still some important topics to share regarding timeline. 

Delivery date. We continue to get questions around this topic and we completely understand. To reiterate for anyone who is not reading the updates: we will share a new delivery date as soon as we go into print. We realize how frustrating the “it’s done when it’s done” message can be for some people. The only reason we are not announcing a new estimate now is because we have learned that we are not properly equipped to guess the full work time required to finish things we have never done before (such as the completion of the final print files). By arbitrarily stating a new date and then being wrong, we only set you all up for disappointment.

Production estimates and possible delivery date. What we can say is that due to the coronavirus, our manufacturer has warned it may be at least 3 weeks until they are 100% up and running. Let’s call it 1 month to be safe. If we were to begin printing at that time we wouldn’t finish printing until some time in April at the earliest. Delivery can take 2 months at minimum, with freight shipping and customs, and then delivery from warehouse to you. Therefore, it’s safe to say you should not expect the game before this summer. We hope this information is helpful, even if it isn’t the precise delivery date you are all patiently waiting for.

Berlin Brettspiel Con. We cannot promise anything, but it would be a fantastic goal to be able to release the game to backers at the Berlin Brettspiel Con in mid-July this year. Do not worry: we won’t sell to the public and especially not to any retail stores until we are sure backers already have their copies. But we wanted to share this potential goal with you all, so you know what we are aiming for.

Final files. We’re now about 60% of the way through our final polishing of the Variant Rulebook. There was some surprising responses to the last update where we mentioned the page count and we’d like to address that. First, we have actually removed 2 spreads and thus cut the Variant Rulebook down to 56 pages. Second, it’s extremely important to note that the contents of the Variant Rulebook are rules on the following:

  • Additional Components (not base game components which appear in the Main Rulebook)
  • Difficulty Modes
  • 5-6 Player Mode (this was backer requested)
  • 5 Main Districts (ie. the game setups, basically the expansions)
  • 5 Additional Districts (it helps having more because not all of them are 5-6 player or Solo Mode compatible)
  • Additional Customer Groups (abilities + examples, basically more expansion content)
  • Additional Friends & Family (this is the first actual "variant" now)
  • Add-On Customer Packs (these were the 3, promotional bonus packs)
  • Founders (again, this is an actual "variant" too)
  • Variety of other Mini-Variants (we won’t list these all now, you’ll see them when the file is done!)
  • Diverse City (yes, another variant)
  • Uses for the Resin Snack Pack Add-On (backer requested, both to be made, and to be gameplay usable)
  • Solo Mode Rules (another backer requested mode)
  • Solo Mode Scenarios (not necessarily backer requested, but certainly promised to backers)
  • Quick Icon Reference (same as last pages of the Main Rulebook)

This should help you all understand what is in this book, and why it’s included. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments!

Translations. We’re just this week getting new reports from all the different translators what their status is. We didn’t want to delay this update waiting for everyone but you can expect in the next update to have clear lists of what is completely done and what isn’t in regards to each language. This will include the text itself, editing / proofing of the text, as well as adding the text to actual print files. And yes, we are still aiming to hopefully share some (if not all) of the files so that native speakers can give their input, just as we did with the recent English rulebook release. We will do so as long as we can handle the feedback in parallel with other tasks so that it does not delay us any further!

That was a very long mini-update so we’ll end here. We’ll see you all in 2 weeks, and meanwhile please keep the comments, questions and positive energy incoming! 

Mini-Update for Early February
8 months ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 12:39:32 AM

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to February, the month of Chinese New Year holidays and factories that sleep and party. :) 

As promised, our production team has been busy at work on the Variant Rulebook and are about ⅓ of the way done. We’ve had some feedback about providing ambiguous numbers in the past, so to clarify, that means we are about 20 pages into the 60 page Variant Rulebook. We believe the Solo Mode section in the middle is going to be quite chunky and give us the hardest time, but the end should be quite fast because the last few spreads are actually copied content from the Main Rulebook (a large list of quick icon references).

On related good news, Janna, our graphic designer, is back from holiday and working alongside our production team! Dylan and Eva were able to tackle some layouts and InDesign stuff themselves even while Janna was gone, but it’s great to have more people working to finish up this final file.

We’d like to reiterate that to everyone: we are on the final English file of the game! Hooray! When this is done we can submit the print files to our manufacturer for proofing, and then focus our energy on finalizing the translation for the other languages.

Regarding Chinese New Year, our factory should be back in business shortly. We’ll give more details on this in the next update, but we can confirm that by the time we are ready with files, the factory will be ready to start producing.

The number 1 question everyone asks is: when is the game going to be delivered? We really feel terrible not even giving an estimate here, but we truly believe that it’s best to be honest and stick to the plan of sharing an estimate once the game is in print. That way, we won’t misjudge any of the steps and leave all of you backers further disappointed. Please remember, it’s our first time doing a rulebook of this type and size, so it’s incredibly hard for us to be super accurate in our estimate. We’re learning and we greatly appreciate you being a part of this journey with us!

There have been a lot of questions about company resources in the comments and we’d love to address this topic. While we won’t go into deep detail now, we’d like to remind people that we are a small team even though our event presence can be quite large. Most of the team at Quality Beast are not full-time and almost all of us are still currently being trained in our roles. Despite this, we are all incredibly passionate about making games and everyone is focused and dedicated to finishing Seize the Bean. Even with the delays we are very proud of this product and so happy to have all the backer input that made it what it’ll be once done.

Whew! That was almost not a mini-update, but it was, because the title says so. ;) We’ll see you all in 2 weeks, and meanwhile please keep the comments, questions and positive energy incoming!    

Mini-Update for Mid-January
8 months ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 12:15:09 AM

Hello backers! We hope your January has been going well so far. Ours has been very productive!

As you know the rulebook is done and we are receiving bits and pieces of your feedback. We really appreciate all the input we are getting and for those that wrote us in the comments and via email, please don’t worry if you haven’t gotten a reply yet. All of your input has been forwarded to our production team and it’s mostly all being applied.

For those that did not submit feedback, or didn’t read the rulebook yet, we have a great news for you: the response has been very positive! We were so pleased to see only a few typos and grammatical changes (and often the same ones) being cited by some of the more active backers during their proofreading. In general, the response we are getting is that the rulebook is thorough, clear, well-written and heavily illustrated (in a good way). We sincerely hope that the bulk of you agree once you get a chance to look! In case you didn’t it’s at

Unfortunately, searching the rulebook text is currently not possible. This is because of the way we exported it. We were aware of this issue at the time, but we did not want to delay sharing the rulebook as we tweaked with export settings. In short, you will see a text-searchable rulebook in the future. Stay tuned!

The variant rulebook moves steadily forward! Even with our graphic designer on a short hiatus, we are progressing strongly with just the remaining 2 members of the production team. As soon as we have a finished document to share we’ll provide a link as we did with the main rulebook.

Chinese New Year is already nearly upon us and notifications are coming in from our manufacturer. This is fine, though, as we already disclosed in a previous update, we are well aware we would not get production done before Chinese New Year. How this effects the final delivery date we’ll need to share in a future update.

Those are the main topics for this mini-update, so for now we’ll say farewell but please keep the comments, questions and positive energy incoming! We look forward to seeing you in the next update in 2 weeks (or sooner, if we have a larger update meanwhile)!

Mini-Update for Early-January
9 months ago – Sat, Jan 04, 2020 at 12:34:19 AM

Happy new year everyone! And welcome to 2020. Yes, yes, we know, we know. It’s terrible to say that phrase and not have a copy of Seize the Bean in your hands. Luckily, we do have some good news today...

We are 100% finished with the English rulebook! This is massive for us. This has been a huge learning point in the entire project and one we take very seriously. Of course there will be learn-to-play videos and other resources, but without a good rulebook a game can be almost impossible (or at the very least thoroughly unenjoyable) to learn and therefore play.

Click the image to download our sneak preview English rulebook!

You can download the rulebook at We highly recommend you actually download it, and not view it in the browser. Secondly, we also recommend that in your PDF viewing software, you turn on “two page” mode, or any setting that shows the pages side-by-side, as that is how they were designed to work (as though you had the rulebook splayed open in front of you).

Rulebook feedback? Some backers were asking if they can give rulebook feedback. Of course! But please, if you have some input, let’s try to keep it organized. Feel free to email us at It would be best if you sent any thoughts to us in English (for now, for other languages we can explore possibilities later, once those rulebooks are done) and it would be very helpful if you marked your email subject line with something obviously related such as “Seize the Bean Rulebook Feedback”. That will help us not bury the emails about customer support topics. For those worried about further delays, although we are open to feedback we do not plan to make any major changes to the rulebook, so please do not worry.

We are knee-deep in the variant rulebook. Currently, we are finishing up the diagrams and graphics for the variant rulebook. Unfortunately one of our main graphic designers is away for a few weeks, so we need to see how we restructure in order to complete this without too much time passing. In our next update we’ll report back on how this going.

Translators are being set up for the final stretch. Also in the next update we hope to have some news regarding the estimated completion date for all translators. With this we can finally give a target date of when we plan to hit print.

Thank you everyone, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season, a happy new year, and look forward to seeing you in the next update in 2 weeks (or sooner, if we have a larger update meanwhile)!

Mini-Update for Mid-December
9 months ago – Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 01:11:57 AM

Bring on the holidays! As promised, we’re trying mini-updates every 2 weeks to stay in touch without bogging down the team. (Keep in mind that bigger updates will now come when ready, and not on a set schedule.)

We are still preparing language files to submit to our manufacturer. We mentioned 2 weeks ago that we had some English files prepared and we were beginning to update them for each of the languages. We are still working on this and do not have them submitted yet. We’ll keep you all posted the moment those go in.

We are still wrapping up the main rulebook. During the final feedback we found a large structural change we wanted to make. It’s been made so we are cleaning up the results of that. Due to the holidays, we’re moving slower on the main rulebook than we would like. We’ll share news once it’s ready to be submitted to our manufacturer.

Cards are being audited and submitted this week. With the major changes done on the rulebook we are moving our attention to the cards. Again, with the holidays this may move slower than we like. We’ll keep you all updated with our progress as usual.

No other topics to report at this time. We are wishing you all a happy holiday season and look forward to getting this game out to you in 2020!

Thank you everyone, and see you in the next update in 2 weeks!