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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!

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Bonus Founder Cards, Travel Boards, Resin Update & TTS Tournament
over 3 years ago – Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 09:37:02 PM

Calling this campaign fun would be the understatement of the year. What a blast! We hope you all enjoyed the ride and we can’t wait to meet up with you at events, on Discord, in Tabletop Simulator and across from each other at the official Seize the Bean tournament coming up soon (more on this later).

While we don’t have any final surprise stretch goals or add-ons for you we do have a series of freebies we want to shout about before we go…

After a lengthy discussion with backer Chris Conway (aka Bolt) we came to an interesting conclusion: since the 5 to 6 player expansion provides 6 more unique Founder Cards and 2 more unique player boards (regarding their art) it could be an issue for gamers who don’t intend to go above 4 players. The player boards aren’t an issue, actually, since they are simply aesthetic, but the Founder Cards would be, since they’d have unique abilities that would affect gameplay. We didn’t want the cost of the expansion to be a pay-barrier preventing those of you with smaller gaming groups from getting those cards, because you don’t need 5 to 6 players in order to utilize them. Therefore we came up with a solution we think you’re gonna love…

We’ll be including the six extra Founder Cards in with every Blaue Bohne game box sleeve purchased, free of charge. This means if you backed at the Decaf Lover’s or Coffee Lover’s level or if you’ve added on the Decaf Lover’s or Coffee Lover’s upgrades then you’ll be receiving 6 more Founder Cards, with no cost to you! We find that this is the best solution and may prompt some of you who were thinking about the sleeve but didn’t like the price to jump on it last-minute.

Let's talk about those milk carton deck boxes. If they are truly fitting a full game setup of cards (which we are 100% confirming once the sample arrives any day now), then having two of them so that the other could fit the tokens and meeples, and having the sacks to fit the resources, would only leave the player boards being the one thing that’s not easily mobile. Therefore we’ve done two things: 1) you may not have caught it in the comments but our tally of cards in the base game actually includes 4 player aid cards, and 2) the backs of those cards will be miniature player boards with unique art on them.

We’ve tested this out and it works fine. We really hope you’ll dig this mini travel version of Seize the Bean that we’ve managed to squeeze into your base game.

(And yes, before you ask, there will be some extra player aid / travel player board cards in the 5 to 6 player expansion!)

We’ve received a lot of feedback on the way “cheap coffee” works in the game. While we do have a logically good, thematically sound explanation for why it costs 2 beans, we find that if things don’t make sense without an explanation then they need to be looked at. Therefore, we’re exploring the idea of changing the terminology to “quantity coffee”, meaning that a customer just wants a ton. This explains why it costs more beans and why a customer can want both this and high quality at the same time. This isn’t final, but we’re fielding it now.

What you see above is the new snack pack design to reflect this change. Many of you asked for a snack pack that can cover all special ingredients, and that means quality and quantity coffee (if we’re going with that term) too. So, here you have it, the idea we’ve got for the quantity coffee figure: a big ol’ bag of beans! As many backers noted, the moka pot can just refer to quality coffee so that’s all the special ingredients covered. As for the hype token, it can just remain cardboard for now. Hype is overrated, anyway!

That’s not all though, we’re also updating the first player figure that each backer gets as a free add-on. The change is we’re doubling up! One full and one empty cup. We did some testing and paring down to a single token just flopped hard so we’ll be sticking with our tried and true, double first player token method.

As noted above, we want to continue on with the fun and positive vibes by inviting you all to jump over to our Discord server where we’ll be setting up a post-campaign Seize the Bean tournament on Tabletop Simulator. We’ll be joined by the charismatic and entertaining, dynamic duo, Dalton Broback and Lucia Lobosvilla, as our hosts and announcers, and may even be joined by special guests along the way. So, if you want to see new content unveiled and join in to test your skills against other café entrepreneurs, don’t forget to come check in!

(If you’re wondering how to sign up for the tournament, stay tuned! We’ll be releasing information soon via Kickstarter update, email newsletter and on our Discord server.)

We said it before but we’ll say it again and again: thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! This has been unbelievable. And with that, we say goodbye, but only for now. We’ll be back after we’ve discovered what this funny little thing called “sleep” is, that so many of you keep talking about…

Extra Tokens, Extra Figures & Extra French
over 3 years ago – Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 12:16:35 AM

Holy burnt coffee beans, Batman! We’ve shot through the café roof in these last hours! Yesterday was over €15k alone. You're all shattering our expectations into little, tiny, lovely pieces. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the amazing support, ideas and fantastic discussions (especially on the Discord server, which is growing by the minute). We're now in the final stretch so please keep sharing, increasing your pledges for add-ons and doing whatever else you feel is right to push this campaign to the limit!

We’ve laid out the final three stretch goals so let’s discuss what’s going on there…

By now you’ve hopefully seen the €115k stretch goal, but if not, take a look:

Other than just throwing more cardboard at you (though who can complain about that?) there are actually some intricate tricks at work here which deserve some more detailed explanation so let’s dive in...

While players don’t always run out (it depends on player count), there are three reasons to provide more good (and bad) review tokens: 1) if we want to allow more of you to be in the game (see more on this below) we need to put a few more tokens in the box to do this, 2) with more tokens we can convert some of them into x5 tokens which can be traded in so that less cardboard is required to play the game, and finally, 3) x5 tokens will make end-game score counting much faster.

Beyond reviews, we want to provide something very special. We’ve designed and have been testing difficulty levels for the game (and we want to give a huge shout out to Gert Breugelmans from Spelletjes Enzo for his rigorous play-testing and extremely helpful feedback on this topic). These difficulty levels will require players to change the amount of resources they get from the base actions on (the left of) their player board. We didn’t have a clean way of marking this though. Until this morning, when co-creator Josh Wilson had the brilliant idea of leaving this part of the board (marked with resources) cut out, as well as the card slot (and yes, the card slot will fit sleeved cards too – shout out to backer, Daniele Passamonti, for this tip!). This means we can print a single token that slides into the slot to replace the easy mode values. The token will be double-sided to show medium mode on one side and hard mode on the other. We’ll be putting 4 of these in the box (and another 2 into the 5-6 player expansion).

And lastly, that elusive, not-yet-dual-layer solo mode board... well, it’s gone! Not only can we remove the extra board, what we can do is utilize the slot mentioned above to print a 5th token which has the updated player board actions on it to convert a player board into a solo mode board. And this answers the question “will the solo mode board be dual-layer” with a firm: yes! We’ll explain how and why this works in detail once we show you a solo mode play-through with Penny later this week, but we are ecstatic about this solution.

So, based on all this, at €115k we’ll release an extra punchboard to every base game box to accommodate the above!

At €120k we’ll be implementing some of the fantastic backer suggestions (shout out to METADNA for the non-stop onslaught of design ideas) to improve the resin pieces. While we can’t confirm any bean adjustments for now, we will provide miniature label designs for the milk in two variations so one can be used as a x2 piece. The same will happen with the sugar, adding in 5 extra brown sugar pieces to count as x2 sugar.

But that’s not it, for our grand finale, at €125k we’ll be providing all backers with a resin coffee cup first player marker as a free add-on. We find this to be both a thematic and functionally appropriate way to close off the campaign.

It’s probably not necessary to say by now, but please let us know what you think about these final stretch goals in the comments. We really hope you dig them as much as we do and are happy with the way we've chosen to end this campaign!

Actually, a lot of you did. Thank you to everyone who voted, and we are truly sorry if your language was not picked, but the winner was absurdly clear by a landslide.

Therefore, as promised, we are officially opening up the production run to a French version. With that, we will close down the translation opportunities but stay tuned for more information soon on the Chinese version we’ve been hinting at all campaign.

For those of you who read this far we want to share a final surprise. At the request of many backers we are opening up a final set of pledge levels to get your name, face and reviews into the game. The Matcha Mocha level will open up on the final day of the campaign, tomorrow (Thursday), February 15th, at 10:00 CET. We think this timing is fair as European and Asian / Australian regions should certainly be awake and those in earlier time zones shouldn’t have to pull an all-nighter to catch the drop.

We definitely learned our lesson the last time we opened up limited pledge levels, so above you can see the details ahead of time. At €199 this is a bit more expensive than the previous levels but that’s because it includes all three ways of being in the game (and the math is completely based on the prices of the previous ones). This is the only pledge level that provides all three and it will be strictly limited to 5 backers.

That’s it! We’re so close, can you taste it? If not let us know, and please forgive us for our delays in answering comments, messages and Discord discussions as we tying up the final hours of the campaign.

5-6 Player Expansion, Player Sacks & Shipping Update
over 3 years ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 09:39:34 AM

As some of you have said in the comments: we’re really sad to end this campaign! It’s been such a fun, exciting, and challenging experience for us, chock full of learning. Getting to connect to you all and explore the universe of Seize the Bean together has been a blast. We’ll do our best to take it out with a bang though, so it’s one you’ll remember for days to come…

...and on that note...

You heard it right! Thanks to a miraculous session with our Kickstarter video voice actor, Ben Maddox, as well as receiving similar feedback from other play-testers and backers (special shouts out to Gibbo, Eva, Basil, Andy Couch, Jazz, Salome and Roman for all the testing on this), we’ve made a minor rules change which significantly impacts the down-time in the game. We were aware of this possibility but had no idea exactly how impactful it was going to be, and had put it off for a while. Upon testing it we realized the game is fully capable of becoming not only 5 but even 6 player-friendly.

(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)
(Artwork is just a rough draft and may change later.)

Isn’t this a bit late to introduce something like this? Actually, no. We’ve always wanted Seize the Bean to be a 1-6 player game, and we tested like this from very early on. However, there were a few major downtime concerns we had at higher player counts. As of this change, these problems have literally vanished from the game. The change is so fitting and so subtle that there was very little development and testing required to be confident in its success.

Why an expansion and not in the base game? We’re not sure that all game groups require such a high count and to be honest the cost of manufacturing enough components isn’t trivial (not to mention the serious, potential weight of the box and impact on shipping it will have!). For this reason we’ll be putting the required pieces into a separate, smaller box. We will, however, attempt to make the main box fit everything for those that want to store it all together, but we can’t quite promise this yet.

What exactly is in the box? There will be 2 dual-layer player boards, extra resources (exact quantities undetermined at this time), 16 Friends & Family cards, 6 Founder cards, and at least 4 more barista meeples.

How can you buy it? You’ll note that the expansion is now available both as a pledge level (lovingly named Double Espresso, as pictured above) as well as an add-on. Feel free to grab it either way, it’s already unlocked so there’s no waiting around for it!

That’s not the only add-on you’ll be seeing made available. After having a really healthy discussion about player cups with all of you in the comments section we have collectively come to the conclusion that extending production of the burlap resource sacks to also make player sacks would satisfy both the theme and the functionality of the game. We’re happy to say that since we already priced these out we were able to go back to our manufacturer and very quickly finalize a new offering.

As you can see in the image above, at €110k we’ll unlock a set of 4 player sacks. We really hope this is something that all of you enjoy and at a price that you find to be affordable and fair. Feel free to already increase your pledge if you’re confident we’ll make it or wait to grab them in the pledge manager if you’d rather play it safe.

(Please note: we are aware that you'd need extra sacks if you go for the 5-6 player expansion and we've planned for this. The sacks will also be sold in sets of two in the pledge manager, so you can add an extra 2 onto your order if you like.)

On this topic: we want to really say thank you to all of our wonderful backers for being open and honest and vocal in expressing what they want to see in this campaign. While we might have built this café-ship you’re all here helping us sail it in the right direction!

Speaking of ships, let’s be transparent: it’s really hard to estimate exact weight in advance. We’ve done some really serious testing and even on the safe side this is looking like a 2kg game. It might be hard to imagine but in many regions of the world our first-provided shipping estimates were actually very close (within a couple euros / dollars) of what our fulfilment partners are quoting us for such a package. But, regardless of this, we’ve done our very best to drive those prices down and we are pleased to announce our new, updated estimates.

If you look at the campaign page you'll notice the shipping section has now been updated! You also might’ve noticed those symbols at the bottom, which mean we are now officially able to say we offer Canada-friendly and US-friendly shipping in addition to the EU-friendly support we already had. Once again, we really hope you appreciate this news as we’ve put a lot of hard work into passing any savings we can onto all of you.

(It’s important to note that we’re still working on Australia / Asia though likely won’t have confirmations before the campaign ends so the estimate in that area will need to stay as is for now. Our sincere apologies to all our backers in those regions; we didn’t forget about you!)

(And a second important note is that this doesn't yet include bulk or combine shipping – which many of you have asked for – but we can say we are seeing discounted rates from most of our fulfilment partners and we'll be able to officially confirm more soon.)

And with that, we’re out! Off to record a solo mode preview in Tabletop Simulator and prepare for the final days we’ll spend here with you on Kickstarter. Thank you for everything.

Tabletop Simulator, Spanish Edition & Ceramic Cups
over 3 years ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 08:52:24 AM

Wow, this campaign just flew by! And it has been a non-stop rollercoaster into fun-land the entire time. Thank you all for making that happen and being here with us. It’s certainly been a special experience, to say the least. And now, in the finally 72 hours we ask you all, once again, to help us push and share the campaign as much as you can. If we can go high enough we may be able to unlock even more languages than we already have (more on this below)!

If you didn’t see Penny’s live stream debut of our Tabletop Simulator mod you can watch the replay on our Quality Beast YouTube channel. We had an absolute blast!

(And if you missed it, while we wait for Penny to edit out a highlights reel you can see one of our favorite moments in this clip here!)

As promised, we're happy to unveil the first, early access, rough draft version of our mod. It’s now available for public consumption in the Steam Workshop. We want to give a huge shout out to Dalton Broback for his work on the mod and also to one of our backers, Gary L. Amoe (aka OgreYama on our Discord server) for getting us through the final hurdles of how to release the mod. Thank you both so much for your passion and insight!

For those that begin to play with the mod, please subscribe as we’ll be pushing updates quite regularly to improve the experience and assets. Whenever you have thoughts about the game, we’d love to hear them so just jump on over to our feedback form to give us your insights:

(Also, it’s worth noting that this does go public but we want to honor the early access all of you backers have paid for so we’ll be pushing updates out to you only, via the print and play, first, before we update them in the mod.)

You’ve all been asking for more language options so we're doing our best to bring them to you. We cracked the Spanish stretch goal (in case you didn’t see yet) but now let’s get another one in. We’ve priced this out and the only thing we don’t know is which language next? So, please, if you’re looking for something other than English, German, Spanish and Chinese, head over to our Language Preference form and let us know what we’re missing the most!

(We don’t have it planned, necessarily, but if we can climb high enough in these last days we will look at the possibility of extending this to yet another language. Therefore it’s important to put in your first, second and maybe even third choices into the form.)

Please do keep in mind that this form is for submitting your choices for languages we are not already printing. If you want English or German, etc., you do not need to fill out the form. :)

Just when you thought we weren’t gonna offer cups, here comes a pretty wild update! Now, first of all, we have heard the concerns that the more we add on, the more the production is delayed. This can be true if all of the add-ons are by the same manufacturer. So far we are being very careful to only pass the basics to our primary manufacturer. The deck boxes, the plushie, and now, this new specialty item, are all made independently and will not affect our timeline.

With that disclaimer out of the way we're pleased to introduce you to the work of Seattle-native, Adrien Miller!

What you see above is just a very fast, rough draft, concept sample. Adrien has quickly whipped up a variety of shapes and Mario has given them a bit of design flare. While this is just a mock-up for now, the two will be working together to make a severely limited number of high quality, handmade ceramic player cups for some lucky backers to buy. On top of that, there will be a few extra, even more limited, full ceramic sets including 4 player cups, 3 resource jars and an actual ceramic scoop. We’re sure a lot of you will have questions so let’s go through a short Q&A here:

"Why have we chosen to do this?" Because we don’t feel plastic cups do the game justice.

"Why are these so limited?" Because Adrien will be making them by hand and asking him to do a full production run is just not possible.

"Do I have to wait to receive them?" Nope. Adrien will make them after the campaign is over and they will be shipped by him, direct to you, before your receive your game (so you can possibly use them for the print and play in the meantime!).

"What if they break in the mail?" Adrien ships fully insured. If anything breaks, he’ll remake what’s broken and ship out to you again.

"Isn’t the shipping restricted to certain regions and/or going to be really expensive?" Nope and nope! Adrien will ship worldwide and the shipping is built into the price of the ceramics.

"Ok, I’m sold! How can I buy these?" We’ll be releasing a series of new pledge levels tomorrow, Tuesday, February 13th, at 16:00 CET (that’s 4:00 PM, Berlin time). Once again, they will be extremely limited so be prepared if you want some!

"What if I already backed a higher pledge level?" Don’t worry, we got you covered. You’ll certainly see a level that includes your already-backed-for rewards. If not, that is because they are add-ons.

"Where can I find more of Adrien’s work?" If you like what you see, head on over to his Etsy page to see what else he does. He’s a magnificent sculptor!

That’s it from us today. We’ll be back tomorrow with another big update so stay tuned!

Authorities, Translation & Print-N-Play
over 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:46:37 PM

We’ll be honest: we just cannot keep up! All of you are breaking through stretch goals too fast! We definitely did not expect them to be shattered so close together (time-wise) and we hope our updates are not becoming annoying or overwhelming. If so, please let us know! But otherwise let’s continue by unveiling all of the things you’re adding into the game…

Meet the Authority Figures. Despite us having a few new customer groups to share with you we’ll focus just on these folks today because they really do stand on their own. There to protect the coffee populace and preserve café order, their main danger is the tempting possibility of abusing their power for personal gain. And that’s why this group’s abilities will revolve around removing cards from lines, but just be careful because if there’s no one left to arrest they may just turn their handcuffin’ tendencies towards your best customers!

If you walk or drive (or cycle) the streets of Berlin then you know the ornery Verkehrspolizei. Wanna get caught jaywalking? Or maybe stopped for riding without a helmet? Or how about a healthy helping of parking tickets? The always-sharp Verkehrspolizei has got you covered!

In German terms, the Bundespolizei are basically the Feds. With a regional headquarters in Berlin (covering Berlin and Brandenburg) you’d be certain see them pursuing their many missions if you strolled through the city in search of a hot cup of coffee.

When things start to get wild (which they often do in Berlin, especially during the annual May Day demonstrations) the Bereitschaftspolizei are called in. Well-armored and trained to act fast but stay cool in extreme moments, you can often see them caught up in the middle of the most intense events.

Whew, that’s a serious bunch! But on the topic of German organizations...

That’s right! It’s in reach now! We are so very excited to announce that at €46k we’ll unlock a German version of the game. All text aspects (except for the yet-to-be-seen café names on player boards) including the cards, tokens, rulebook and box will be translated to German.

Let’s all keep pushing to have this campaign climb past that mark so we can honor the country in which Quality Beast was formed!

If you check your Kickstarter messages you may have already noticed that it’s here! As promised, any of you that backed at a reward level should now have early access to the print and play. If you didn’t get the download info via private message then it’s likely you either didn’t back at a reward level or you’ve just recently backed after we’ve sent out the information. In the case of the latter, please simply message us and we’ll hook you up.

Please note that this is just the first of many versions we’ll be sharing with you. Our idea of “early access” means that we’ll be providing you content as we go along. What you have here is the version you’ve seen in the hands of reviewers and press around the globe. It includes the first 6 of the core 10 customer groups as well as everything else you need to play the game (besides the 3D-printed resources, which you can replace with cubes). We highly suggest you attempt to use real coffee beans and a 1/3 teaspoon (1.65ml) spoon if you want to emulate the scoop.

As we release other customer groups we’ll send out more print and play announcements and we’ll do our best to segment out each addition so it’s easy for you to simply print and build the newest cards.

Whew, what an update! We hope you are as excited as us and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for this week!